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The worker must have bread, but she must have roses too.

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Eating out: Kaboola Kitchen, Brixton

How hard is it to poach an egg? 

A lot harder than boiling one, and way more difficult than frying. Mine always end up with runny whites, or angry and rubbery from being overboiled. 

But today I had a chance encounter with a perfectly poached egg – well, two actually. 

It was one of those rushing-about, not-quite-ready, where’s-my-jumper mornings, with a pinch of tripping-over-the-cat. Then Ted helped me take a small mountain of parcels to Brixton post office, and after half an hour of battling the automatic machine (with help from a very lovely lady) the parcels were finally weighed, stamped and dispatched. 

What a relief. 

I needed coffee. I stepped outside the post office. 

As if by magic, this sign appeared:

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Eating out: Kuku Persian Kitchen, Brixton

So yesterday, Ted and I went out for breakfast, in search of something healthy. 

Nothing grabbed us on Coldharbour Lane (I miss the Phoenix so much) so we went into Market Row. 

Before we could even look at the temptation that is Express Café (best eggs in Brixton FYI) we saw that Kuku, the pretty new Persian place was open. 

“I wonder if they do … AAIIEE!” I said. Because who was inside, but Saja! Which of course she was, because who else would be running it, and how daft of me not to realise before. 

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A princess in Peckham — and some bao buns worthy of royalty

I’d heard from Josh that a certain galactic princess had landed in Peckham while I was away. So on Tuesday, I hopped on the Millennium Falcon a 37 bus to see.

*sniff* I miss Carrie. Her voice was unique.

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Street Food: Barbacoa BBQ

Hasn’t the weather been beautiful this week?

Ted and I decided to go out for lunch after our Friday swim. We were planning to head to Pop Brixton for a tasty something, but he’d spotted Barbacoa on Brixton Station Road on Thursday and his head was filled with thoughts of smoked, grilled chicken.

Good call.

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Street Food: Hong Kong egg waffles at Lub Lub London!

So if you heard there was a kind of street food that’s sweet, light as air, crispy and soft, *and* comes with fruit or chocolate, you’d be interested, right?

Of course you would.

Well, let me introduce you to Hiufu.

@hiufu hopes you are all working very hard today.

A photo posted by Linniekin (@linniekin) on

Hiufu is one of the sweetest and smartest people I know. She has a wicked sense of humour and great ideas, like, “We’re not at work today and it’s 4 in the afternoon, shall we have cocktails?”

It was super exciting to hear all about her idea for a Hong Kong style egg waffle food startup earlier this year.

And now it’s real!

So yesterday, Ted, Rachel and I headed over to Brick Lane to visit Hiufu and her brand-new egg waffle enterprise, Lub Lub London.

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Goodbye to summer at Frank’s Café …

… and hello Autumn.

No question that it’s here now – the temperature’s dropped, the night air has a cool edge to it, and rain showers have arrived.

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A quick dash over to Boundary Street for lunch with lovely Urmee and her accomplice, Bertie.

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Joe Public Pizza on the Common

It’s that blissful time of year when everyone in London moves Outside in search of Fresh Air, albeit the kind that has the worst pollution in Europe.

So Ted, the LondonBFF and I decided to picnic on Clapham Common to celebrate Friday and summer and sunshine etc.

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We tried orange wine …

… so you don’t have to.

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Dalston Street Feast

Off to Dalston Street Feast last night, with the East London comrades.

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