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The worker must have bread, but she must have roses too.

Street Food: Barbacoa BBQ

Hasn’t the weather been beautiful this week?

Ted and I decided to go out for lunch after our Friday swim. We were planning to head to Pop Brixton for a tasty something, but he’d spotted Barbacoa on Brixton Station Road on Thursday and his head was filled with thoughts of smoked, grilled chicken.

Good call.

It was their second day in Brixton – they’re in Tooting and Hoxton usually.

The menu’s short and to the point:


The people running the truck are absolutely lovely. We had a very pleasant chat with them while deciding what to eat.

We both went for chicken meals.

Portions are EXTREMELY generous.


The slaw is *really* good, the rice is proper (not easy cook) and the barbecue sauce is fruity, piquant and delicious. The chicken was tender and well cooked with a lovely, gentle, smoky flavour. It’s not as spicy as some of the jerk chicken places and we really liked that the food wasn’t over-seasoned.

There was heaps of chicken – a whole quarter from a rather large bird. I managed about half but thankfully Ted was there to help.

Now, when it comes to barbecue chicken in Brixton, there’s a lot of competition and some of it’s very tough. Negril’s, Fish Wings ‘n’ Tings and my personal favourite Jeff the Chef are all up there for us. I’d put Barbacoa in that group – but Jeff the Chef is still our #1.

So that, perhaps, will be Barbacoa’s challenge if they choose to stick with Brixton.

That said, they’re so lovely and the food really is good, so I hope we’ll see them stay.

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