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The worker must have bread, but she must have roses too.

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Highgate Cemetery tour

Esther messaged me.

“Do you fancy going to Highgate Cemetery on Saturday? They’ve got -”

“Yes! I’m in!”

So we met at the tube and walked up, and then down, the hill, past the world’s poshest charity shops, to the cemetery.

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Toothbrushes and old dresses at the Petrie Museum

Today I went to the Petrie Museum, in search of my toothbrush.

It’s hidden away inside University College London’s main campus. (The museum, that is.)

Thankfully, two very helpful chaps in fluo jackets guided me through the rabbit-warren of corridors and building works to the museum itself. Cheers guys.

It turns out that the Petrie Museum, which has an outstanding collection of Egyptian antiquities, is also staffed by very helpful people. The lovely lady at reception gave me a map of the exhibits, as well as the “Egyptian Trail”, which guides you to some of the collection’s most noteworthy items, and a map and guide to the “Measuring the World” show by UCL students on the BASc Arts and Sciences degree, which is what had sparked my trip.

Fully armed with my customised Museum Exploration Toolkit, I hit the galleries.

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Burning heads at Bloomsbury Festival

So last night, as part of the Bloomsbury Festival, we stepped out on Store Street.

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Totally Thames: Bascule Chamber Concert

You all know Tower Bridge.


The famous one that’s in all the pictures, with the double drawbridge in the middle.

The drawbridge weighs over a thousand tonnes. It is counterbalanced by huge weights, which also weigh over a thousand tonnes.

When the bridges lift, the weights slowly drop into two large chambers called “bascule chambers”. They’re situated in the base of the central supports of the bridge.

When the bridges are down, these chambers are empty.

“That’s a good place for a concert,” thought a chap called Iain Chambers.

“That sounds fun,” thought I.

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A quick dash over to Boundary Street for lunch with lovely Urmee and her accomplice, Bertie.

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