... and roses too.

The worker must have bread, but she must have roses too.

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Exhibition: Entangled at the Turner Contemporary, Margate (and more adventures) 

I had heard from Victoria that the Entangled exhibition was rather special. So Lettice and I set off to see it.

It was so lovely at the station that we almost didn’t leave.

Pick a sunny spot.

But we did, and …

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Recipe: Chai spice mix for tea

My consumption of tea rockets as soon as the temperature starts to fall. But the choice of black teas is very limited if you avoid caffeine – it’s basically builders or Earl Grey. This year, I’d been craving chai, but couldn’t find a decaf blend so decided to have a go at making it instead.

Cardamom is at the heart of most chais, for good reason: It’s incredibly fragrant, with a spiced, almost citrusy scent. The flavour can be overpowering, but when used with care, it’s gentle, soothing and quite heavenly.

Spiced chai is usually made by boiling it on the hob, which is delicious, but a bit of a faff. Then it struck me that using ground spices might work, too – and because they release their flavour more easily, perhaps a stew in the teapot is all it would take.

Guess what.

It works.

This is super easy and makes a fragrant and gentle spiced chai that’ll chase away the chills on even the coldest nights. The recipe below will make a small jar, enough for several pots of tea.

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