So if you heard there was a kind of street food that’s sweet, light as air, crispy and soft, *and* comes with fruit or chocolate, you’d be interested, right?

Of course you would.

Well, let me introduce you to Hiufu.

@hiufu hopes you are all working very hard today.

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Hiufu is one of the sweetest and smartest people I know. She has a wicked sense of humour and great ideas, like, “We’re not at work today and it’s 4 in the afternoon, shall we have cocktails?”

It was super exciting to hear all about her idea for a Hong Kong style egg waffle food startup earlier this year.

And now it’s real!

So yesterday, Ted, Rachel and I headed over to Brick Lane to visit Hiufu and her brand-new egg waffle enterprise, Lub Lub London.

Egg waffles are little bubbles of hot waffle batter, topped with sweet treats like strawberries and white chocolate.

Hiufu explained to us that they used to be a really popular streetfood snack in Hong Kong. The waffles were made and sold from carts by vendors who needed to use up leftover eggs. But since streetfood has become more heavily regulated, they’re much harder to find. There *are* egg waffle shops, where the waffles tend to be machine-made, but the best ones still come from old guys with backstreet stalls, which you might find if you’re lucky.

However, for those of us here in London, all we have to do is go to the Backyard Market at the Truman Brewery on a Saturday and look for Hiufu’s stall.

Here it is!

Hiufu and Justin manning the Lub Lub London stall

The metal things Hiufu’s holding are the egg waffle pans. They hold the batter.

Time to choose what flavour waffle.

Fruit or chocolate?

Fruit or chocolate?

Triple chocolate for Ted; mixed berries for me!

First, Hiufu makes the waffles from homemade batter. She turns them on the hotplate to get them just right.

Hiufu with a fresh-cooked waffle!

The chocolate one is trickier to make because it has chunks of real chocolate set into the batter. Mmm.

Then Justin cools them with a fan (#hightech) and dresses them with toppings.

Chocolate or berries?

Chocolate or berries?

They’re delicious – the little bubbles of waffle are soft, light and airy, while the edges go all crispy. They go so well with the toppings – the fruit one is fresh and creamy, while the chocolate one is stuffed with gooey melted chocolate.

This is basically Ted's idea of heaven.

Ted’s idea of heaven.

(It disappeared rather quickly.)

If you have a chance, do try – we understood straight away why they’re so beloved by Hong Kongers young and old.

Hiufu and Justin are at the Backyard Market on Brick Lane on Saturdays. Follow LubLubLondon on Instagram for more egg waffle appearances!