… and hello Autumn.

No question that it’s here now – the temperature’s dropped, the night air has a cool edge to it, and rain showers have arrived.

We had one last look at the summer sunset at Frank’s Café.


Campari spritzes in hand, gazing at the skyline – it’s so rare to see a Big Sky in London, one reason why it’s worth trekking to the 10th floor of a car park in Peckham.


When it got too cold and the rain set in, we decamped to the Bussey Building for a drink at the Nines. While there, we popped next door to the Copeland Gallery, where I spent some time admiring Clare Cohen’s sculptures.



A step up from the graffiti in the Nines’ loos:


And then appropriately autumnal dinner at Oi Spaghetti. It’s a tiny BYO place with about two and a half tables …


… and a *very* small menu of perfectly cooked plates of steaming pasta.


(Linguine, actually – it’s a long story.)

One of those places where everything is simple and cooked with such love – the best pasta I’ve had in this country. We’ll definitely be back. ♥

Goodbye Frank’s. See you next year.


Goodbye summer 2016. You’ve been beautiful.