... and roses too.

The worker must have bread, but she must have roses too.

Eating out: Kaboola Kitchen, Brixton

How hard is it to poach an egg? 

A lot harder than boiling one, and way more difficult than frying. Mine always end up with runny whites, or angry and rubbery from being overboiled. 

But today I had a chance encounter with a perfectly poached egg – well, two actually. 

It was one of those rushing-about, not-quite-ready, where’s-my-jumper mornings, with a pinch of tripping-over-the-cat. Then Ted helped me take a small mountain of parcels to Brixton post office, and after half an hour of battling the automatic machine (with help from a very lovely lady) the parcels were finally weighed, stamped and dispatched. 

What a relief. 

I needed coffee. I stepped outside the post office. 

As if by magic, this sign appeared:


This whole area at the bottom of Ferndale Road has been redeveloped and there’s quite a bit going on. The post office has moved into a smaller building and now has automatic machines (saves. so. much. time.) and a shorter queue. There’s a pizza place over the road (it’s good) and Volcano Coffee’s HQ is down there too. 

Kaboola Kitchen opened somewhere around the turn of the year. It’s light and bright inside, with pomegranate murals on the walls and milking stools and padded dairy churns for seats. 

Very cute. 

It’s part cafe, part venue for supper clubs as far as I can tell, which might be behind the slightly experimental feel inside. 

I ordered breakfast at the counter. No decaf coffee ? but a ginger ninja juice sounded pretty good. 

(That’s carrot, apple and ginger btw, and it was delicious. Sweet, spicy, bounce-in-your-step warming.) 

There are deli treats to browse while you wait …

… including Dr Karg’s crackers, which I haven’t seen in aeons. But soon my smashed avo and eggs on sourdough were ready. #cliche 

(Does anyone else ever feel sorry for the avocados? Such a violent end for such gentle fruit.) 

The eggs were perfect. PERFECT. White cooked whites, runny gold yolks – WHAT KIND OF MAGIC IS THIS YOU WEAVE, KABOOLA?

Express Cafe might do the best fried eggs in Brixton, but for poached? Kaboola’s all, “Hold my drink.” 

Time for a little work, then off to the library for more. 

See you soon, Kaboola – your appearance and your eggs were impeccable. 

Kaboola Kitchen is at 240 Ferndale Road, Brixton. They’re open Wednesday to Friday 7:30-4:30 and a note on the door says they’ll be starting weekend brunch soon! 

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  1. Hopeful of sampling their coffee and maybe even poached eggs and toast, *dreaming of deliciousness* . . . . .

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