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The worker must have bread, but she must have roses too.

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Recipe: Retro 90s chicken liver pâté 

For various reasons, this week I’ve been thinking about female friendship, how we nurture and care for each other, and how we express our friendship through the things we make and do. 

More on that another time, but it then got me remembering happy days in the mid-90s when two of my besties and I played house while at uni. 

(When I say “played house”, I mean “covered a perfectly nice terraced house in a thick layer of charity-shop cardigans, budget lager cans, Kitkat wrappers and Eau d’Essay Crisis.) 

But we shared food, cooked together, learned each others’ recipes and laughed a lot. 

(Also there was that time when we fed the chaps’ – now husbands’ – Sunday roast dinner to someone else because they buggered off to the pub. Fair play to him, Ted’s been there for supper ever since.) 

We had a chart on the wall listing things we liked, and things we didn’t, and top of the likes was chicken liver pâté – or CLP as it was known to us. 

So I made this today to celebrate female friendship, and to remind myself of happy times with Pippa and Mary at 95 Marlborough Road. 

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Recipe: Spiced roast chicken and slow-cooked black dahl

It’s always a bit pressured when a foodie friend comes to dinner, no?

I like to think we always eat well, and we *do* prioritize the tasty, but it’s these occasions where you really want your cooking to be on point.

Anyway, George was coming, so my mind was whirring. The weather had got colder, so the Vietnamese lemongrass chicken I’d planned would have to wait ’til next time.

We decided to stick with poultry, but add warming Indian spices.

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Recipe: Chicken methi curry

This is a surprisingly easy storecupboard make, even though the list of ingredients looks quite long. Aside from the fenugreek leaves, which are sold by the box at pretty much any Indian grocer’s, if you like cooking curry it’s stuff you’ll likely have kicking around. It’s also quick and tastes fabulous the next day.

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