... and roses too.

The worker must have bread, but she must have roses too.

Eating out: Kuku Persian Kitchen, Brixton

So yesterday, Ted and I went out for breakfast, in search of something healthy. 

Nothing grabbed us on Coldharbour Lane (I miss the Phoenix so much) so we went into Market Row. 

Before we could even look at the temptation that is Express Café (best eggs in Brixton FYI) we saw that Kuku, the pretty new Persian place was open. 

“I wonder if they do … AAIIEE!” I said. Because who was inside, but Saja! Which of course she was, because who else would be running it, and how daft of me not to realise before. 

So we went in and had coffee and banana bread, which isn’t really that healthy I suppose, but a) it’s a step up from a fry-up, b) Fruit! and c) YUM. 

Kuku was formerly Rosie’s (which was lovely too – and going strong in Peckham these days I hear). Saja has opened up the space – seriously, it feels twice as big inside – and everything is so light and pastel and pretty. It’s practically perfect. 

The excellent banana bread was sticky, dark and not too sweet. The freshly ground decaf coffee is *definitely* the best in Brixton. 

On the counter was a selection of yummy-looking salads and an Iranian herb omelette that looked beyond delicious. (You can see it just peeking into the next photo, on the right.) 

There’s a wonderfully intriguing range of teas. 

Saja’s kept some of the simple hospitality that I loved about Rosie’s too. 

#stayhydrated ?

There are tantalising Iranian grocery goodies on sale. 

Perfect little presents! 

Meanwhile Saja was icing the scrummiest-looking orange cake. 

I think I have a new favourite place. Shall we go soon? Let’s go soon. 

Kuku Persian Kitchen is at 14e Market Row, Brixton, open Tuesday to Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-4. 


  1. Yes oh yes, let’s go very soon ! ???

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