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The worker must have bread, but she must have roses too.

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Recipe: Retro 90s chicken liver pâté 

For various reasons, this week I’ve been thinking about female friendship, how we nurture and care for each other, and how we express our friendship through the things we make and do. 

More on that another time, but it then got me remembering happy days in the mid-90s when two of my besties and I played house while at uni. 

(When I say “played house”, I mean “covered a perfectly nice terraced house in a thick layer of charity-shop cardigans, budget lager cans, Kitkat wrappers and Eau d’Essay Crisis.) 

But we shared food, cooked together, learned each others’ recipes and laughed a lot. 

(Also there was that time when we fed the chaps’ – now husbands’ – Sunday roast dinner to someone else because they buggered off to the pub. Fair play to him, Ted’s been there for supper ever since.) 

We had a chart on the wall listing things we liked, and things we didn’t, and top of the likes was chicken liver pâté – or CLP as it was known to us. 

So I made this today to celebrate female friendship, and to remind myself of happy times with Pippa and Mary at 95 Marlborough Road. 

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Indie shopping: Alice Caroline

So I’m a little obsessed with Liberty print …

… the most beautiful patterns …

… the lightest, strongest cotton …

… the history behind the prints.

Snowy Liberty

But let’s face it, £22+ for a metre is quite steep. Which is where one of my most favourite online boutiques comes into play.

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Exhibition: America after the Fall at the Royal Academy

Yesterday, we met up with the Outlaws at the Royal Academy for their birthday treat. 

“America after the Fall” brings together pieces created during the Great Depression. 

It’s a wonderful exhibition – not big, it’s up in the Sackler wing – but the quality of the pieces is exceptional. They cover industrial celebration, urban culture, rural nostalgia and cultural commentary. 

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Operation Central Line

So my dad and I have this thing we’re doing, to travel through every station on the London Underground May 2014 tube map. 

I’m not quite sure how it started – possibly with a day trip doing the Overground Loop – but we settled on May 2014 as that was the map I had in my pocket at the time. 

Last week it was time for the Big Red. 

We met at Mile End, which must sit directly above a nest of Dementors, as it’s freezing cold and windy, despite being underground and protected from the elements. 

Then we headed East. As a diehard SOTR-er, I’d not been further east than Stratford before, and had imagined the lands beyond as a grey wasteland, filled with derelict tower blocks, burnt out Vauxhall Astras and misshapen NOTR types, ready to fend off property developers with tetanus-infected pointed sticks, and frankly who can blame them. 

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Some flowers: March 

Brixton has sprung!

The front garden is filled with a scramble of spring bulbs, tumbling upwards towards the sunshine.

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Toothbrushes and old dresses at the Petrie Museum

Today I went to the Petrie Museum, in search of my toothbrush.

It’s hidden away inside University College London’s main campus. (The museum, that is.)

Thankfully, two very helpful chaps in fluo jackets guided me through the rabbit-warren of corridors and building works to the museum itself. Cheers guys.

It turns out that the Petrie Museum, which has an outstanding collection of Egyptian antiquities, is also staffed by very helpful people. The lovely lady at reception gave me a map of the exhibits, as well as the “Egyptian Trail”, which guides you to some of the collection’s most noteworthy items, and a map and guide to the “Measuring the World” show by UCL students on the BASc Arts and Sciences degree, which is what had sparked my trip.

Fully armed with my customised Museum Exploration Toolkit, I hit the galleries.

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Classic, comforting celeriac soup

The poor celeriac.

“I’m just fooling myself, she’ll never see me as anything… but a monster.”

He’s an ugly beast.

This soup turns him into a beauty, though.

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March culture update

The light’s starting to linger, there’s a hint of spring in our steps – but let’s face it, the nights are still pretty parky, so there are plenty of long, dark evenings to spend curled up with movies and books yet. First, though – a rather special record.
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A princess in Peckham — and some bao buns worthy of royalty

I’d heard from Josh that a certain galactic princess had landed in Peckham while I was away. So on Tuesday, I hopped on the Millennium Falcon a 37 bus to see.

*sniff* I miss Carrie. Her voice was unique.

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December culture update: Special Christmas edition!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me … 12 Christmassy things to watch, read and listen to at Christmas.
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