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Indie shopping: Alice Caroline

So I’m a little obsessed with Liberty print …

… the most beautiful patterns …

… the lightest, strongest cotton …

… the history behind the prints.

Snowy Liberty

But let’s face it, £22+ for a metre is quite steep. Which is where one of my most favourite online boutiques comes into play.

Alice Caroline specialises in Liberty cotton tana lawn. They have a wide range of current and past prints, in a rainbow of colours.

And for the amateur/small-scale stitcher, the loveliest thing is that they sell in fat quarters. (Liberty sells a minimum of half a metre in store and one metre online. Ouch.)

I love sewing with tana lawn, because it’s 100% cotton and lightweight, but so strong. It’s also preshrunk, which gives you more precious sewing time.

Alice Caroline carries all the classic prints and quite a few seasonal limited editions, too – far more than you’ll find in-store.

They work so closely with Liberty that they even have their own exclusive range of Liberty lawns.

Like this gorgeous pink Mitsi print:

Mitsi Y, Liberty exclusive to Alice Caroline, £22/metre


And this fresh-as-a-daisy Poppy and Daisy colourway:

Poppy and Daisy Y, Liberty exclusive to Alice Caroline, £22/metre

They stock a selection of the Liberty seasonal prints too – the Spring/Summer 2017 range is packed with beach and sea themed prints, like this Silver Lining, which has stolen my heart and swept it high above the ocean:

Silver Lining C, Liberty spring/summer 2017, £22.50.metre

And this one, which takes me back to the beautiful flora Ted and I see when we’re diving:

Reef A, Liberty spring/summer 2017, £22.50/metre

Plus cheeky twists on classics, such as this cocktail o’clock Aloha reinterpretation of pretty, floral Betsy:

Aloha Betsy A, Liberty spring/summer 2017

Frangipani flowers! Pineapples! Tropical islands!

The seasonal prints tend to err towards the more conservative, so I still head to Liberty for the more out-there ones, but again, the advantage is that Alice Caroline sells smaller cuts, so for a fiver you can have a precious piece of right-now fabric.

There are also bundles of fat quarters – great for quilting, bunting and colour-themed batch sewing:

Liberty Complete Exclusives selection, £70

And kits for making quilts, cushions and more:

Liberty print cot quilt kit, £24, Alice Caroline

The site stocks various sewing notions, including bias tape. Mmm, bias tape:

Poppy and Daisy B bias binding, Liberty, £5

Yum. (Stop tempting me to take them all, you naughty people.)

And buttons. Simply beautiful covered buttons.

Liberty covered buttons, £1.08, Alice Caroline

Alice Caroline also produces their own range, made exclusively from Liberty fabric. I have my eye on this hot pink Mitsi eye mask – feel like you’re flying in the front seats for just £16.95:

Pink Liberty print Mitsi eye mask, £16.95, Alice Caroline

Oh Mitsi, you’re so my favourite print.

And psst, keep this quiet, but there’s the most fantastic sale on beautiful Liberty accessories, including cosmetics purses, pencil cases, lavender bags and hot water bottle covers.

(This one’s mine, btw)

Liberty print Mitsi cosmetics bag, £13.97 down from £19.95, Alice Caroline

Check out the full range at Alice Caroline and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

But be warned – it’s dangerously pretty.

All product images copyright Alice Caroline.

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  1. Gorgeous prints ! Didn’t realise this place existed with more affordable prices – thank you !

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