So last night, as part of the Bloomsbury Festival, we stepped out on Store Street.

It was chilly – well, unless you were this guy.

It’s not Friday night without a big burning head. #stepoutstorestreet #bloomsburyfestival

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The theme of the festival this year is language – and Store Street was celebrating the language of dance.

The London Pride Morris Men were out …

Morris dancing on Store Street at the #bloomsburyfestival last night #latergram

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As were the window dancers …

And Bollywood and modern dancers.

We shared some tasty French street food from Madame Gautier – Provencale chicken, confit beef and fried sausage and potatoes. Mmm.


French home cooking on an industrial scale.

Time for a stroll along Store Street – occult bookshop Treadwell’s was looking suitably spooky:


Care for a tarot reading, pumpkin?

Some wonderful hats from Yuan Li at the China Design Centre (Let’s all club together and get these):

Girls just wanna have fun...damental human rights.

Girls just wanna have fun…damental human rights.

Modelled by some fabulous ladies:


Super styling!

Then off to the pub for a pint and some wisdom:


We had a little ceilidh on the way home.