This month, I am …

Reading …

American Housewife by Helen Ellis

Wickedly naughty short stories with a New York twist, if you’re wondering what they get up to all day. It’s dark, witty and rather scandalous. All my girlfriends are getting this for Christmas. They will love it.


You’ll wish your life was like theirs.

Listening to …

The Claptrap podcast – it’s totally my new favourite thing, like hanging out with your besties. Shiv Meaker and Kathy Manson burble on about crisps, knickers and everything in between. (Pro tip: Do not get crisps in your knickers.)


I want what they’re drinking.

Find them on iTunes or on Soundcloud and follow them on Twitter.

(Disclaimer: Kathy is one of my most favourite people. If you listen to this, you’ll love her to bits too.)

Watching …

Reruns of the Gilmore Girls and praying I can get through all seven seasons before the reboot arrives in November.

(Also praying Rory turns up with a new boyfriend. There’s no Team Dean/Jess and probably not even Team Logan in this house. Girl can do better.)


I’m hoping it’s curtains for Dean.

Excited about …

Heading to the South of France for sunshine … and relax.


Beach + books = bliss.