So Ted and I love going to the movies, but we had nowhere to stash our 3D glasses. (And I know they’re cool, but not exactly for everyday wearing…)

This’ll take you a couple of hours, max.


  • Black felt, about 16cm square
  • Grey felt, two small pieces
  • Embroidery thread in black, red and blue
  • Fabric for the bag – I used 2 pieces about 25x30cm of Liberty fabric cut from Alice Caroline fat quarters
  • Needle
  • Tailor’s chalk or pencil

First, draw some 3D glasses.


Then cut them out and use them as a template. These ended up 16cm across.


Draw around them with tailor’s chalk


And cut them out.

Stitch two small pieces of grey felt behind the glasses, to make the lenses. Embroider these with red and blue lines, to give them that 3D look.

Now lay them on your fabric – this’ll be the front of the bag. Stitch them to the fabric, leaving enough space for the seam allowance and the top gathers of the drawstring bag.


Now you’ve got the front of the bag.


Take your fabric for the back.


Put right sides together and whizz into a simple drawstring bag. Here’s a tutorial – you’ll just need to sew up the other side if you use two different fabrics like I did.

I had some neon cord for the drawstring – and now we can keep these by the front door, so we don’t forget them on movie night.