Ooh, this month’s a good one. Especially for music. Make a cup of tea, grab a blanket and curl up with some beautiful autumnal treats. (And maybe an early Terry’s chocolate orange – they seem to be on sale for a quid in quite a few places and what more of an excuse do you need.)

This month, I am …

Listening to …

“Let Them Eat Chaos” by Kate Tempest
If you’ve not come across her before, Tempest documents a lot of the problems in our society – especially the hidden ones, the people who fall through the cracks. er sense of social justice comes through so strongly, and there’s a vulnerability and sensitivity to her words, too, that catches me. My sense is that while she’s an important artist now, history will be especially kind to her.

Kate Tempest – Let Them Eat Chaos

“Big Sparks” by Few Bits
An unexpected surprise from this band of Belgian alt-rockers led by Karolien Van Ransbeeck’s shimmery vocals and spellbinding guitar. It’s like a mug of hot chocolate, a cosy hug or a warm slice of gingerbread when it’s snowing outside. Perfect winter soundtrack – layered dreampop in the vein of Beach House, Fleet Foxes, the Raveonettes, and perhaps harking back a little to the likes of All About Eve, Slowdive and Mazzy Star.

Few Bits – Big Sparks

And a couple of bonus extras:

Smooth, synthy city vibes from Ta-Ha. Makes me yearn for skyscraper cityscapes. For when I’m missing Dubai and lovely friends there.

Or maybe some Bridgit Mendler – a little more poppy and sweet, but still with that smooth electronica soul running through.

(It’s been a good month for discovering music.)

Watching …

Homeland season 5
It’s on Netflix, and hey, it’s back on form! And it’s so fun to hang out with Carrie, Saul, Quinn and the gang when it is. I’m loving Miranda Otto’s snakelike appearance. (Is she? Isn’t she? Of course she is.) Though the whole Carrie/bipolar thing is a little wearing – I don’t see why they need that, she’s kickass and intriguing enough without it.


Christopher Guest’s latest is another gentle mockumentary – as always, the acting is wonderfully nuanced and so slyly observed. A sweet, very human film and it’s on Netflix now.


The Crown
We’re two episodes in to The Crown (out yesterday on Netflix) – royal stuff not usually my thing, but the storytelling so far packs a punch. Claire Foy is so fantastic that I’d happily watch her reading the duller sections of the Argos catalogue, and Matt Smith’s sympathetic interpretation of the Duke of Edinburgh is refreshing. Glossy, beautifully produced and very human but I had to keep a box of tissues handy


Also rewatching Gilmour Girls Season VII (it’s on Netflix) in readiness for … the Great Gilmore Girls revival on November 25!!!

(For which I am planning a watching party with Rachel on November 26. You’re welcome to join us – we’re having pizza *and* Chinese.)

Excited about …

It’s crisp and cold outside, the leaves have fallen and they’re so very kickable …

Oh, and is it too early to mention the C-word?