Today I went to the Petrie Museum, in search of my toothbrush.

It’s hidden away inside University College London’s main campus. (The museum, that is.)

Thankfully, two very helpful chaps in fluo jackets guided me through the rabbit-warren of corridors and building works to the museum itself. Cheers guys.

It turns out that the Petrie Museum, which has an outstanding collection of Egyptian antiquities, is also staffed by very helpful people. The lovely lady at reception gave me a map of the exhibits, as well as the “Egyptian Trail”, which guides you to some of the collection’s most noteworthy items, and a map and guide to the “Measuring the World” show by UCL students on the BASc Arts and Sciences degree, which is what had sparked my trip.

Fully armed with my customised Museum Exploration Toolkit, I hit the galleries.

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