So I was pottering about on Pinterest the other day, when I stumbled across an illustration stocked by Ohh Deer.

They’re an indie design collective whose members live all around the world and include artists you might already love, like Gemma Correll.

An hour or so later, both my wallet and my mood were lighter. Is your willpower stronger than mine?

This card might cheer up a friend who’s had a bad romance …


Lady Baa-Baa card by Faye Finney, from Ohh Deer, £2.50

Or perhaps they need a mystic unicorn boost of magic?


Good Luck Unicorn card by Gemma Correll, from Ohh Deer, £2.50

If they’ve got the end-of-summer blues, why not help them start planning your next trip …

Lost With You card by Emmeline Pidgen, from Ohh Deer, £2.50

And sometimes a pal just needs a hug. (Can we say a big yay for the return of the postcard? More postcards = more happiness.)


Wish You Were Here postcard by Christopher David Ryan, from Ohh Deer, 75p (I know!)

Let them know you’ll *always* support them:


Support Bra postcard by Gemma Correll, from Ohh Deer, 75p

And sometimes, let’s face it, it’s time for …


Holy Spirit postcard by Gemma Correll, from Ohh Deer, 75p

Ohh Deer also stock cute stationery – these paperclips remind me of Comma when she’s decided it’s supper time:


Standing Cat paperclips by Midori, from Ohh Deer, £3.95

(And this is Hector’s pose in the same situation …)

Sitting Cat paperclips by Midori, from Ohh Deer, £3.95

Because, let’s face it, cats can be …


Impress Me Human card by Louis Roskosch, from Ohh Deer, £2.50

But that’s okay, because we have …


Pack of 3 rainbow pencils, £5.95, from Ohh Deer


Let’s leave the last word to Small Cat:


Bad Small Cat card by Poorly Drawn Lines, from Ohh Deer, £2.50

Oh, Small Cat. Hmm.

(P.S. If you’re still wavering, there’s currently a 3 for 2 on all greetings cards. Watch that willpower disappear!)