Lee May Foster-Wilson has been creating lovely things from her studio in Cornwall for some time – she was one of the first new-wave British designers that came to my attention some years back.

Her work is centred on whimsical illustrations of horses, cottages, moons and stars. It’s naïve, but not childish – it resonates with me because I grew up in the countryside, but there’s an edge to it that works in the city.

Her new, limited-edition collection, Indian Summer, celebrates the last, late golden days of the year before winter sets in. Take a look:

This scarf makes me think of pineapple juice and evenings at the beach:


Indian Summer scarf, £40, Bonbi Forest

(FYI, these are made from super soft viscose, which is snuggly *and* lightweight – perfect for fine evenings in the shoulder seasons.)

Here’s a closer look at the print, in the pretty pink colourway:


Indian Summer scarf, £40, Bonbi Forest

Adorable, right?

These lockets are, too – I love that the flowers are spiky rather than cutesy:


Indian Summer locket, £20, Bonbi Forest

These tropical earrings make me want to hula hula …


Indian Summer earrings, £10, Bonbi Forest

And this pair of swans look like they’re heading somewhere fun …


Indian Summer ‘Golden Hour’ pin badge, £10, Bonbi Forest

First swan: “It’s cocktail o’clock!”

Second swan: “Mine’s a Mai Tai!”


These notebooks will keep all your plans for the rest of the year safe. Because they know that *your* notes are Very Important:


Indian Summer notebook set, £10.50, Bonbi Forest

Are you hoping for an Indian summer this year? (I am.)