Yep, it’s that time already – Crafty Fox came to the Dogstar in Brixton a little earlier than usual this year. I went along on Sunday – here are five designers I loved.

(pictured above)
Etsy shop

Simple geometric jewellery in silver and bronze. I came away with a simple silver faceted ring and its partner with a small faceted silver nugget. They look great stacked. (There are similar ones in Relic’s Etsy shop.) It took all my willpower not to snap up a little skull ring, too. Totally getting one on Etsy.


Suzie Lee Knitwear

I’m a huge fan of Suzie’s work, but haven’t bought anything yet because a) if I buy one thing I will buy it ALL and b) I’m overcome by a deep desire to dive into her stall and cosy up with ALL THE KNITTING and so my focus is generally on Not Doing That and trying to act normal instead. (It’s a work in progress.)


What you can’t see from the picture is that it’s all just so, so SOFT. And the colours are so pretty. And it was lovely chatting with Suzie and hearing about how she designs and makes such fluffy gorgeousness. So this is the year that all my female relatives will get something from Suzie for Christmas, because they are wonderful people and deserve her woolly wonders in their lives.


Daisy Bird Honeybone

So hopefully Daisy doesn’t mind that I’ve totally pinched these photos from her website, but I was so excited by her jewellery that taking photos completely slipped my mind. (It happens. Really.) Daisy is a sweetie who’s early on in her career and I think her eye for design is going to take her a long way. There’s a toughness to it, a strength, that really appeals to me. Visit her and don’t blame me when you spend all your monies on her pretty things.



Akvile Makes
Etsy shop

Perhaps it’s autumn; perhaps it’s a desire to get everything Properly Organised; either way, I fell hard for Akvile Makes’ colourful range of woven baskets. They’re all squishy and soft, and as someone who’s tried to crochet these, take it from me – it’s not easy to make them so neatly. They’re also very reasonably priced for something that’s ethically made.



Ray Stanbrook Prints
Etsy shop

There are a lot of local prints coming onto the craft scene, and it’s become a bit of a habit (they’re special yet affordable). I’m building a small collection of Brixton-related ones, but hadn’t seen Ray’s before. They’re exceptionally jolly and I suspect the Brixton Village cushion may be making a home in Casa Roses before too long.


(Though, Ray, if it said Granville Arcade I’d have bought it already. Just sayin’.)


Crafty Fox is such a great organisation – Sinead and the team curate some really beautiful and exciting work. I love being able to find presents that are *just right*, unique, handmade and affordable – and at each event, there are always new and exciting designers and work to see.

The next one’s in Peckham at the Bussey Building the weekend of 8-9 October. I’ll see you there.

And finally, a special mention to Relic’s credit card sign:


This, ladies. This is my downfall.