This month, I am …

Reading …

Paper Girls by Brian Vaughan

Vaughan’s the author of epic fan favourite Saga, and this sounded right up my street. It’s about four girls with newspaper rounds. One post-Halloween morning, they head out and discover … things have changed.


So basically if the all-female Ghostbusters reboot was set in 1988 and crossed with the Goonies. And yes, it’s that good.

(Have you seen Ghostbusters the reboot yet? It’s amazing! I loved it.)

Listening to …

Warpaint: Heads Up

The latest from my favourite Cali alt-rockers. Moody, dark and great getting-ready-to-go-out music as the nights draw in. (Warning: May result in heavier application of eyeliner than intended.)

Watching …

Designated Survivor


Kiefer Sutherland as a somewhat-reluctant president after all the others get blown up at the State of the Union. Only two episodes in so far, but it’s very well acted and I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. And also he has great glasses. It’s releasing weekly on Netflix UK.




I’m a sucker for anything with Allison Janney in it, and this Netflix Original is a sharply observed and nuanced performance from a great cast. The plot’s a bit silly (homeless girl takes baby from neglectful mother) but Janney, Ellen Page and Tammy Blanchard are all extremely watchable.




Linklater really can do youth, can’t he. I’m guessing you’ve all already seen this, but if not, it’s new to Netflix UK and very lovely. Patricia Arquette is excellent – totally deserved her Oscar for Best Supporting.

Excited about …

Slow-cooked soups, dals, stews – anything hot, steamy and scrumptious. Also tea. Lots of tea.